A downloadable Demo for Windows

Update 09/03/2017

- Fixed game stretching in fullscreen

- Window can now be resized by dragging

- Mana blast can now be grabbed using telekinesis

Update 01/03/2017

- Game now saves progress at checkpoints, progress can be loaded and resumed

- Brightness slider added to the options menu

- Drinking potions now have an animation

- Various bugfixes and tweaks

Update 15/02/2017

- New secrets

- Bug fixes/balance tweaks

Update 04/02/2017 -

- Improved physics object interactions

- Various fixes and tweaks

In a medieval land, eight travelers stumbled upon a source of unfathomable power.

Fearing that they would become tyrants, the Kineticist Arik fled, and made his home in a faraway land.

Three hundred years later, his past has come back to haunt him. The time has come for him to confront his fellow wizards, if their army doesn't get him first.


Use magic to fight your way through waves of enemies from spearmen to fully armoured knights as you blast and burn your way through this medieval world to confront your once friends in your distant home land.

Each wizard has a specialty: Arik, the player, is the kineticist, meaning he controls kinetic energy. All his powers are physics or destruction based.

The others control:


-Four elements

-Time and space





As you progress through the game you will confront and gain the powers of your fellow wizards, unlocking new and deadly spells as the game progresses.


Currently available in demo:

  • Destructible and interactive environment and objects
  • Fast fluid gameplay
  • Four enemy types
  • Puzzles and secrets
  • First boss fight
  • First half hour of the story mode (may change in full game)
  • Four spells

Please Read

Currently the game is in prototype stage.This means that a lot of what is currently available in the demo may end up changing or being tweaked based on player feedback for the final product. We are releasing this to help get an idea of the direction the game will take as we continue to create it. If you have any feedback you would let to give please let us know in the discussion board.

If you enjoy this game please help us out by spreading the word, the more feedback we get and the more players who play the game will greatly aid us in the future development of this game. You can also follow us on twitter to get updates and news on the development of the full game.

Useful Links



If you get the following error:

FATAL ERROR in Vertex Shader compilation

ShaderName: glr_shader_mesh_color

D3DXCompile failed - result

You need to update your DirectX installation, try this link:


The game crashes without error before the menu:

Open the folder and look for a file called 'options.ini', open it in notepad and change the line 'VertexBufferMethod=1' to 'VertexBufferMethod=2' which is the 'most compatible' option.

Something else? Let us know in the troubleshooting thread below.


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